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Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Success

Hearing the acronym SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) is not new for most Internet marketers and some website owners. In fact, it is one of the unwritten protocols that must be learned and kept in mind by every aspiring Internet marketer. Thus, if you are unfamiliar with SEO, you will experience difficulty in terms of achieving your Internet marketing business objectives. Before discussing SEO to Internet marketing beginners, let us first tackle search engines. If you are familiar with Yahoo, Google, or Bing, these are some of the widely used search engines on the Internet. If you are looking for...
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Branding Development For businesses

I have to say branding is not for everyone. For those who really want to stand out in a crowded market or industry,  branding should be a backbone in large, mid, small organizations including retail businesses. A brand is actually a sense of identity, your purpose, services offered and any other factors, which distinguish you from others. It defines your company’s commitments, policies, values, strengths and passion towards achievement of goals. Branding simply describes what people actually think of you when you are not in the room. In order to succeed, the brand that offers a comprehensive and unbiased image...
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Search Engine Crawlers, Indexer and all that jazz

​Have you at any point thought how Google really Works? When you type few words into Google search and the outcomes are there before you within a twinkle of an eye. That is astounding! Well maybe not. Google has complex calculations which help bring this information within seconds. These calculations called Google algorithms aka "Google spiders" which drag codes net through your webpages and record your site content. This process goes on out of sight under the pages. Google utilizes programming known as "Web-Crawlers" to find pages that are freely accessible. In most cases, web-crawlers or spiders are called Googlebots....
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Rotating Google Ads for conversions optimization

It's better to  evaluate your ad rotation and tweak  settings. Your performance could be suffering because you're serving worse-performing creatives.  AdWords offers four different ad rotation settings: optimize for clicks, optimize for conversions, rotate evenly, and rotate indefinitely. While there are use cases for each of the fou...
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