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Google Unveils Page Speed Is A Big Deal In Mobile Search Rankings

According to TechCrunch , Google just announced a significant change in how it ranks websites for mobile searches: it will now take page speed into consideration as one of its major signals. The change, which Google is referring to as the "Speed Update," will go into effect during summer this year, and will downrank very slow websites under ce...
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Latest Facebook Algorithm And Its Effects On Targeted Ads

Preview ​ Facebook just killed the reach for Fan Pages for celebrities and media. So if you have a million followers or w hatever - they're not going to see much of the content you post. Instead - you're going to have to advertise. This is awesome news because most people who have a ton of followers (the very same people who are competing for ...
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7 Tips For Effective Online Ads

When you are running paid online advertising such as Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook ads, it's not easy fitting everything you want to say about your business in just a few words. Start by taking a moment to consider what you'd like to highlight about your business in your ad. You can then use the guidelines in this article to create an ad that'...
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The Good, Bad or Ugly Search Engine Optimization

  Some years back, I knew little about SEO. I love learning new things to help my business, and when an SEO agency broke up with me (long, ugly story there) I started looking for a new mentor to teach me the latest tricks. Oh, I found tricks alright. I bought into a backlinking scheme where each member creates a junk Wordpress site where the o...
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